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Due to the popularity of our '100 Best' section, we were asked to compile another section where we identify the first books in great series, as well as other categories we use in our discussions with customers to aid in their search for their next great mystery read.  Below please find a listing of our 12 categories and what we like.

1st in Series - Exotic Locale

Black, Cara Murder in the Marais - Paris
Camilleri, Andrea The Shape of Water - Sicily
Disher, Garry The Dragon Man - Australia
Genelin, Michael Siren of the Waters - Slovakia police procedural
Gimenez-Bartlett, Alicia Dog Day - Spain
Hearn, Lian Across the Nightingale Floor - feudal Japan
Jones, Stan White Sky, Black Ice - Alaska
Massey, Sujata The Salaryman's Wife - Japan
Pattison, Eliot The Skull Mantra - Tibet
Pawel, Rebecca Death of a Nationalist - Spain
Xiaolong, Qiu Death of a Red Heroine - China

1st in Series - Hardboiled

Battles, Brett The Cleaner
Beckett, Simon The Chemistry of Death
Box, CJ Open Season
Chercover, Sean Big City, Bad Blood
Eisler, Barry Rain Fall
Garcia-Roza, Luis Silence of the Rain
Hamilton, Steve Cold Day in Paradise
Hewson, David A Season for the Dead
Hughes, Declan The Wrong Kind of Blood
King, Jonathon The Blue Edge of Midnight
MacBride, Stuart Cold Granite
Robinson, Peter Gallows View
Wilson, Robert Instruments of Darkness

1st in Series -  Softboiled

Barrett, Lorna Murder is Binding
Cleland, Jane Consigned to Death
Doughty, Louise An English Murder
Eglin, Anthony The Blue Rose
Fowler, Christopher Full Dark House
Joss, Morag Funeral Music
Lippman, Laura Baltimore Blues
Pears, Ian The Raphael Affair
Purser, Ann Murder on Monday
Smith, Julie New Orleans Mourning
Spencer-Fleming, Julia In the Bleak Midwinter
Taylor, Sarah Stewart O Artful Death
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Astor Place

1st in Series -  Humorous

Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity's Death
Dorsey, Tim Florida Roadkill
Fforde, Jasper The Big Over Easy
Fiffer, Sharon Killer Stuff
Ford, GM Who in Hell is Wanda Fucha
Grabenstein, Chris Tilt A Whirl
Huston, Charlie Already Dead
Lutz, Lisa The Spellman Files
Martin, Nancy How to Murder a Millionaire
Matetsky, Amanda Murderers Prefer Blondes
Matturro, Claire Skinny-Dipping
Morris, Bob Bahamarama
Rehder, Ben Buck Fever
Smith, Mark Haskell Moist

Fabulous Historical Mysteries

Akunin, Boris The Winter Queen
Alexander, Bruce Blind Justice
Allain & Souvestre Fantomas
Ash, Maureen The Alehouse Murders
Bayard, Louis Mr Timothy
Benn, James Billy Boyle
Benson, Ann The Plague Tales
Bernstein, Michael Conspirators
Blaine, Michael The Midnight Band of Mercy
Bradby, Tom The Master of Rain
Brandreth, Gyles Oscar Wilde & A Death of No Importance
Busch, Frederick The Night Inspector
Carey, Peter The True History of the Kelly Gang
Cleverly, Barbara The Last Kashmiri Rose
Cox, Michael The Meaning of Night
Crabbe, Richard Suspension
Finch, Charles A Beautiful Blue Death
Franklin, Ariana Mistress of the Art of Death
Franklin, Tom Hell at the Breach
Fulmer, David Chasing the Devil's Tail
Goodwin, Jason The Janissary Tree
Gregorio, Michael Critique of Criminal Reason
Hill, Tobias Love of Stones
Hollingshead, Greg BEDLAM
Jecks, Michael The Last Templar
Kanon, Joseph The Good German
King, Laurie The Beekeeper's Apprentice
King, Ross Ex-Libris
Kretser, Michelle de The Hamilton Case
Middleton, Haydn Grimm's Last Fairytale
Roberts, John Maddox SPQR: The King's Gambit
Rosenbaum, David Zaddik
Rowe, Rosemary The Germanicus Mosaic
Rowland, Laura Joh Shinju
Sansom, Christopher Dissolution
Stashower, Daniel The Beautiful Cigar Girl
Summerscale, Kate The Suspicions of Mr Whicher
Suskind, Patrick Perfume
Tallis,  Frank Death in Vienna
Thomas, Will Some Danger Involved
Tremayne, Peter Absolution for Murder
Unsworth, Barry Morality Play
Watkins, Paul The Forger
Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Shadow of the Wind
Zimler, Richard The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon

Scandinavian Crime Novels

Alvtegen, Karin Betrayal
Alvtegen, Karin Missing
Dahl. K O The Fourth Man
Edwardson, Ake Death's Angels
Edwardson, Ake Frozen Tracks
Edwardson, Ake Never End
Edwardson, Ake Sun & Shadow
Ekman, Kerstin Black Water
Eriksson, Kjell The Cruel Stars of the Night
Eriksson, Kjell The Demon of Dakar
Eriksson, Kjell The Princess of Burundi
Fossum, Karin Black Seconds
Fossum, Karin Don't Look Back
Fossum, Karin He Who Fears the Wolf
Fossum, Karin The Indian Bride
Fossum, Karin When the Devil Holds the Candle
Hoeg, Peter Smilla's Sense of Snow
Holt, Anne What Is Mine
Indridason, Arnaldur The Drowning Lake
Indridason, Arnaldur JAR CITY
Indridason, Arnaldur Silence if the Grave
Indridason, Analdur VOICES
Jungersen, Christian The Exception
Larsson, Asa The Blood Spilt
Larsson, Asa Sunstorm
Larsson, Asa The Black Path
Larsson, Stieg The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Played With Fire
Larsson, Stieg The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest
Mankell, Henning Everything Walander
Nesbo, Jo The Redbreast
Nesbo, Jo Nemesis
Nesbo, Jo The Devil's Star
Sjowall & Wahloo Martin Beck - Roseanna et al
Tursten, Helene Detective Inspector Huss

Staff Picks - An Eclectic Mix

Abu-Jaber, Diana Origin
Barry, Max Jennifer Government
Baxter, John A Pound of Paper
Burdett, John Bangkok 8
Downing, David ZOO STATION
Downing, David Silesian Station
Evans, Jon Dark Places    (Currently Out of Print)
Ford, Jeffrey The Girl in the Glass
Galloway, Greg As Simple As Snow
Hart, Erin Haunted Ground
Harwood, John The Ghost Writer
Herron, Mick Down Cemetary Road
Hjortsberg, William Falling Angel
Levison, Iain Since the Layoffs
Mina, Denise Field of Blood
Mones, Nicole A Cup of Light
Parker, T Jefferson The Blue Hour
Penny, Louise Still Life
Priest, Christopher The Prestige
Read, Cornelia A Field of Darkness
Simon, Michael Dirty Sally

Espionage (non- 007)

Boyd, William Restless
Brodrick, William The Sixth Lamentation
Bromell, Henry Little America
Gabbay, Tom The Lisbon Crossing
Garfield, Brian Hopscotch
Hall, Adam Quiller Memorandum
McCarry, Charles Tears of Autumn

International Favorites

Brophy, Grace The Last Enemy
Coe, Jonathan The Winshaw Legacy
Miyabe, Miyuki All She was Worth
Morrissey, J P Weekend at Blenheim
Takagi, Akimitsu The Tattoo Murder Case

Tough Girls

Abbott, Megan QUEENPIN
Black, Lisa Takeover
Compton, Jodi The 37th Hour
Rucka, Greg A Gentleman's Game
Scott, Manda No Good Deed
Sharp, Zoe First Drop

Tough Guys

Bruen, Ken The Guards
Ghelfi, Brent Volk's Game
Gofford, Christopher Snitch Jacket
Lindsay, Jeff Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Stark, Richard (Donald Westlake) The Hunter
Swierczynski, Duane The Wheelman
Temple, Peter Bad Debts

New York City

Bourdain, Anthony Bone in the Throat - Bourdain's 1st
Chang, Henry Chinatown Beat
Coleman, Reed Farell Walking the Perfect Square
O'Connell, Carol Mallory's Oracle - our favorite sociopath cop
Wheeler, Thomas The Arcanum

Serial Killer/Thrillers

Brown, Dan Angels & Demons
Hawke, Richard Speak of the Devil
Hayder, Mo Birdman
McDermid, Val The Mermaids Singing
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted
Teran, Boston God is a Bullet - Depraved!


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